On Demand Talks

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Ultra-fast spectrum analysis concept using spin-torque nano-oscillators (Invited)

Artem Litvinenko (University of Gothenburg, Sweden)


Antiferromagnetic insulators: writing, reading and magnon transport (Invited)

Cheng Song (Tsinghua University, China)

Cheng Song-Tsinghua University-for Magnonics_UPLOAD_2.mp4

Giant magnon spin conductivity approaching the two-dimensional transport regime in ultrathin yttrium iron garnet (YIG) films (Invited)

Xiangyang Wei (University of Groningen, Netherlands)


Chiral spin-wave velocities in ultrathin yttrium iron garnet films (Invited)

Haiming Yu (Beihang University, China)


Towards fast exchange magnonics: partially compensated Ga:YIG garnets

Khrystyna Levchenko (University of Vienna, Austria)

720 p K. Levchenko Magnonics 2022.mp4