Oral presentations

Tutorials: 40 minute talk + 5 minute discussion

Invited talks: 25 minute talk + 5 minute discussion

Contributed talks: 12 minute talk + 3 minute discussion

Presentations will be given using an LCD projector with aspect ratio of 16:9. Authors are expected to bring their own laptop computer along with a backup copy (pptx and/or pdf) on a USB drive in case of laptop failure.

Poster presentations

Posters should be formatted in PORTRAIT / VERTICAL format with the A0-size.

The Conference will provide push pins for attaching the poster to the board.

The posters should consist of well-prepared visual materials in proper format, posted on the designated board. The registered author must be available to present details and to answer questions during the poster session period. Simply posting a copy of the paper is not appropriate. The poster session will take place on Tuesday evening. Posters will be displayed until the end of the conference.